Dexter Russell S5288

Dexter S5288 - 8in Butcher's Large Size Cleaver Blade New Pro Heavy Industrial The Chef Shops on eBay –

Dexter Russell – Quality Made in USA – #S5288 New 8 X 4.5 inch Heavy Duty Meat Cutters Large Cleaver – 14 inch overall length
For large cuts – weighs 2 pound 11 ounces – super heavy duty –
excellent new condition

Meat Cleaver Uses. Meat cleavers are heavy with a thick and wide blade. All of these things help make it the multitasking knife that it is. You can have a heavy cleaver which can cut through bone and vegetables, or if you don’t cut meat much, you can stick to a lighter weight cleaver

In contrast to other kitchen knives, the cleaver has an especially tough edge meant to withstand repeated blows directly into thick meat and dense cartilage and even bone, not to mention the cutting board or other supporting surface below. This resilience is accomplished by using a softer, tougher steel and a thicker blade, because a harder steel and a thinner blade will fracture more readily. Formerly, weaker knives would suffer buckling failure when used in a cleaving fashion.
In contrast to all other kitchen tools but one, a meat tenderizer, it is the only one designed to be swung like a hammer.
The edge of a meat cleaver does not need to be particularly sharp, because the knife’s design relies on sheer momentum to cut efficiently, to chop straight through rather than slicing in a sawing motion. Part of the momentum derives from how hard the user swings the cleaver, of course, and the other part derives from how heavy the cleaver is.
A knife-sharp edge on a cleaver is undesirable because it would quickly become more blunt than it would if it were less sharp but sturdier to begin with. The grind of Eastern Asian kitchen knives is 15–18 degrees, and for most Western kitchen knives it is 20–22°; but for a meat cleaver it is even blunter, approximately 25°.
The tough metal and thick blade of a cleaver also make it a suitable tool for crushing with the side of the blade. This contrasts with certain hard, thin slicing knives, which should not be used for crushing because they can crack under such repeated stress.