DuoGlide 40033 8 inch

DEXTER DuoGlide 40033 8 inch all-purpose dual edge chef's knife Chopping Dicing

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DEXTER DuoGlide 40033 8 inch all-purpose dual edge chef’s knife Chopping DicingThe All-Purpose Chef’s Knife is an essential tool you’ll use every day. Whether used for cutting, slicing, or worked in a rocking motion for chopping, the unique design makes this your go-to knife for ease and versatility. NSF Certified. – Scrape on the blade -never used – handle is in perfect condition – blade is new but has a scrape on one side that does not affect it’s use – strictly cosmetic – see photos and ask any questions

The DuoGlide family of knives is designed to make it easier for those with arthritis to cut, chop, or slice, with greater comfort and less fatigue. With DuoGlide, we’ve combined our renowned blade technology with an ultra-soft, right-sized and textured handle that can be gripped in several ways for more comfort and control. The high-carbon, stainless steel blade is individually ground and honed to be the ultimate edge, corrosion resistant, and uniquely designed for each cutting task. See “The NEW way to cut” in action. DuoGlide knives come in six models for all your cutting needs.

DEXTER DuoGlide 40033